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Christmas Card Competition for primary school children


All you have to do is make a Christmas card, take a picture of it and post it on our facebook page any time up to 13th December. Please tell us your name and how old you are.  Judging will take place on 14th December and the winner will receive a £10 prize. The winning design will be made into a Christmas card and sent out to our congregations.  

To take part you must satisfy one of the following: 

  • Have a connection with St Stephen's or St Michael's Church or

  • Have attended one of our craft days in the past or

  • Live in East Hardwick or Carleton 

card made by Ben.jpg


A Crafty Christmas message from Becky and Marilyn


Sadly, we can’t meet together this year for a Family Crafting Afternoon but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun at home making things for Christmas!

Here are some ideas for Christmas cards and decorations that aren’t too difficult to make.  For most of them you will only need paper, card, glue, paints or felt tips, toilet rolls, ribbon and other bits and pieces you might already have around the house.  You could re-create them just as they are or use them as inspiration and introduce your own ideas!

If you do decide to have a go at some Christmas crafting, we would love to see your creations!  Send pictures of them to us and we will upload them onto this page for everybody to enjoy.

Just click on the links below for some great ideas for cards and decorations that you can make

Happy Christmas crafting!

Magazine trees - Helen B.jpg
Twig star - Helen B.jpg

Thanks to Helen for these two lovely Christmas decorations.  What a great way to recycle old magazines!

Oakley Handlovics age 4.jpg

Santa Card by Oakley age 4

Snowman card by Harley age 9

Harley Handlovics age 9.jpg
Silver King - Jess H.jpg

Here's Jess's silver-crowned king

Just waiting for the other two!

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