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There are two types of fees charged for special service such as baptism, weddings, blessings and funerals.  Statutory fees are set by the Church of England and are shown on the purple tables below. 

In addition, there are local fees set by the Parochial Church Council, to cover costs of the parish church.  These can be found at the bottom of the page.  For any queries about fees, please contact us.  

Statutory Fees 2024 P2 colour.jpg

Local fees charged in addition to Statutory Fees

For baptisms (where they occur outside a normal Sunday service), weddings and funerals, local fees will be charged in addition to the national Parochial Fees as follows: 


Wedding blessing service                                           £150

Priest’s fee for blessing service                                 £75

Priests travel expenses according to mileage        45p per mile

Verger (cost of setting up for service)                      £25

Tolling of bells                                                              £20

Playing recorded music                                              £70

Heating in cold months                                              £40  


Organist fees are set by the individual organists and are usually between £100 and £150 plus additional licence fees if the service is being recorded. 

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