St Stephens PCC Meeting via the internet

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Present: Rev’d S Stacey,  B Pollard, J Trevorrow, H Beaumont, J Pycock, P Durham, A Dyer and T Nichol.


Apologies: A Collins, S Hammond and L Clark


Minutes of PCC minutes 13/10/20 were accepted as a true record, proposed H Beaumont, seconded   

J Trevorrow, PCC voted unanimously to accept them.


A short meeting was convened to elect officers for 2020. 


                                                            Proposer          Seconder          Vote                                         

Vice chair                     B Pollard,          A Dyer,             P Durham,         Unanimous

Treasurer                      J Trevorrow,      B Pollard,          A Dyer,             Unanimous

Secretary                      T Nichol,           A Dyer,             J Pycock,           Unanimous

Electoral roll officer       S Hammond,     J Pycock,           A Dyer              Unanimous

Safeguarding officer      M Hames,         T Nichol,           J Pycock,           Unanimous

Health & Safety officer  T Hames,          J Pycock            H Beaumont     Unanimous

Sacristan                       L Clark,             B Pollard,          J Pycock,           Unanimous

Cards                            H Beaumont,     A Dyer,             P Durham,        Unanimous


Sides persons, there were two nominations:

H Beaumont

P Webster

Proposed J Pycock, seconded B Pollard all PCC voted unanimously to accept.


Reverend Shelagh asked the secretary if Arlene Collins needed to complete a “Fit and Proper Persons” declaration form.  The secretary said he would check this, Arlene will need to have a DBS check carried out. 


Next meeting Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 4pm via Zoom

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