St Stephens Church, East Hardwick  Minutes of PCC Meeting 28th March 2022


Present: Reverend S Stacey (RSS), B Pollard (BP), A Dyer (AD), J Trevorrow (JT), H Beaumont (HB), S Hammond (SH) A Collins (AC), L Clarke (LC) and T Nichol (TN)


Apologies: P Durham, P Hargreaves, M Hargreaves, M Hames, T Hames


Minutes of the 7th March 2022 were proposed as a true record by AC, seconded by JT and voted as a true record unanimously by the PCC.



Election of Officers                                                                                                                  Proposed            Seconded         Vote


Chairman                                                                                              Reverend S Stacey

Vice chairman                                                                                       B Pollard                       A Dyer                J Trevorrow       Unanimous

Secretary                                                                                               T Nichol                         B Pollard            A Dyer               Unanimous

Treasurer                                                                                               J Trevorrow                   B Pollard            A Dyer               Unanimous

Electoral Roll officer                                                                            S Hammond                  H Beaumont     B Pollard           Unanimous

Safeguarding Officer                                                                           M Hames                       B Pollard            H Beaumont    Unanimous

H & S Officer                                                                                         T Hames                        H Beaumont     T Nichol             Unanimous

Sacristan                                                                                                L Clark                           H Beaumont      J Trevorrow      Unanimous

Cards & Flowers                                                                                   H Beaumont                  A Dyer                J Trevorrow      Unanimous

Flower Rota                                                                                           L Clark                           H Beaumont      A Dyer               Unanimous


There were two nominations for Sides Persons, P Webster and H Beaumont. They were duly elected unanimously.


HB to send Pam Durham a card and flowers as a thank you for carrying out 20+ years as a PCC member, during which time she spent a period as PCC secretary.



Palm Sunday, palm branches in church TN, fronds for waving SH. Refreshments outside.

Good Friday service outside. Easter Day, fire outside, Easter Garden and Easter card Marilyn Hargreaves. Passion Narrative, Marilyn Hargreaves has arranged a group. Cross to be laid inclined on Good Friday and vertical on Easter Day. Ascension Day is at Carleton because they can live stream it.

Baptism, 22nd May at 12-30pm.

SSSI, no contact this year, possibly May?


2024 is the Year of Culture, a preliminary meeting is to be held in Pontefract Town Hall on 26th April, 6 – 8pm for initial discussions. 2024 will be St Stephens church 150th anniversary.


Authorization of LEM’s (Chalice administrants)

Brian Colley, Christine Peacock, Helen Griffiths, Curtis Taylor-Osman and Sophia Taylor-Osman requested to be chalice administrants in the parish of East Hardwick in a reciprocal gesture to that of B Pollard, A Taylor, S Hammond, and P Hargreaves requesting to be chalice administrants in the parish of Carleton so that they can administer at Carleton Court care home. AD proposed to accept the request, JT seconded, the PCC voted unanimously to accept.


Social Media Policy, this has now been circulated and read by all members of the PCC who voted unanimously to accept it.



AD volunteered to hold a Bring & Buy Sale on 18th June.  An open garden event may be held if sufficient gardens can be persuaded to join in. A raffle is to be held for the roof repair fund.



  1. USPG £19.90 cheque remain uncashed. £19.90 will be added to any monies collected during Lent. 

  2. CURRENT ACCOUNT stands at £5883.38. Regular standing orders to Dust Devils, Church insurance, Certas Oil and Leeds DBF (Parish Share) were paid. Parish Share changed to £500 per month. Large oil bill £700+ less standing orders to Certas still to be paid. At this time of year payments for allotments & magazines are made. £341.55 transferred to The Brooke Donkeys. £200 Accountants fee. £150 from Singing Group transferred to roof fund.

  3. INCOME continues to be supported by regular giving including Parish Giving Scheme & tax refund. Funeral fees of £180.85 were transferred from Leeds DBF. Increased collection on Plough Sunday.

  4. FABRIC & FACILITIES (including roof) FUND now at £28,669.89 and includes   donations from singing group and from hairdressing services.  

  5. Smart Meter should be fitted 11th April a.m.


TN had been given £25 as an anonymous donation for the roof repair fund, this was passed on to the treasurer.


Ukraine collection, Sunday 3rd April to be last day for collecting before money is sent to DEC.



Next PCC meeting Monday 9th May 2022 at 5pm in church


The meeting closed with prayers