Monday 3rd February 2020

St Stephens PCC Minutes


Present: Rev’d S Stacey,  Rev’d K Reynolds, B Pollard (BP),  P Spreckley (PS),  L Clark (LC),  A Dyer (AD),  S Hammond (SH), J Trevorrow (JT) and T Nichol (TN). 

Apologies: P Hargreaves (PH), J Pycock (JP) and H Beaumont (HB)


Review of previous PCC meeting

  1. Minutes of the PCC meeting 3/12/19 were voted as a true record, proposed PS, seconded BP.

  2. Planning in paddock: Planning permission was refused by the planning committee. T Hames, on behalf of St Stephens PCC, requested intervention by the inspectorate which was granted. 

  3. Masons service 2020: a letter has been sent inviting the masons next year, no reply received.

  4. Records archive: BP is compiling an index of all documents relating to St Stephens

  5. Open Church: Needs a lock putting on the shed door. PH

  6. Free Parish magazine: Ask on parish council web site for feed-back. PS

  7. H & S : Risk assessments must be produced for all events. Live risk assessments to be reviewed  annually.

  8. Safeguarding: BP has booked onto C2 course. 1 to 1’s M Hames to see PD


Vicars Brief

  1. Archdeacon visiting Rev’d Shelagh: Sunday 14th and Wednesday 17th June

  2. Nurturing our faith: five new members. Next meetings Sunday 9th and Sunday 23rd February.

  3. Parish Magazine: Pat Stork compiled the February magazine and will do the March one also. BP to inform M Amery.

  4. Deanery synod: The next meeting, 4/3/20 at All Saints. Four people said they would attend.

  5. Anointing: next 8th March 2020



Thank you letter: One of the children who attended the Christmas party sent a letter of thanks.

Relief from duties: SH asked if other members of the congregation could take responsibility for 

organizing the strawberry tea, Harvest supper, plough supper and sunflowers as it was becoming 

increasingly difficult for her to continue doing these due to various circumstances. The PCC agreed to 

find other people to take responsibility for these. SH to talk to congregation on Sunday 9/2/20. BP said 

she would organize the harvest supper. Rev’ Shelagh thanked SH for all her hard work in the past and for 

the work she is still proposing to continue doing.

Brook Hospital: Sent a letter of thanks for the donation from the Barn service. 





  • A handsome net profit of £713.22 was made from the Christmas Fayre, which included four individual donations (compared with £725.16 in 2018)

  • A gross sum of £679 with a net profit of £586.40 was made at the Plough Sunday tea.

  • An interest payment of £81.26 for December was received into the CCLA account

  • Two donations were received from the Cawood Trust; £254.63 for church repairs and £39.79 for EH Dole

  • The Singing Group kindly donated £100 towards church repairs and a further £182.05 raised from the Carol singing around the village

  • Donations from individuals were made in the sums of £40, £100, £250, and £24.60.

  • A donation of £20 was made towards Mara.

  • Dempsey Dyer Ltd has very kindly sponsored the website again this year at a cost of £122.40

  • The memorial stars raised a total of £38.10

  • The knitted Santas raised £42





  • The net cost of Crafty Christmas amounted to £12.91.

  • The CCLI licence was renewed at a cost of £78 and a further £79 has been budgeted for, for later in the year to purchase the combined PRS/PPL licence

  • St Stephens share of the Parish costs so far for 2019 amounted to £81.11 


Parish giving scheme: Seven forms given out and three have signed up already.

Parish returns sent to the diocese.

Accounts: PS presented the 2019 accounts and the proposed 2020 budget to the PCC. Rev’d Shelagh thanked PS for the accounts and the accompanying explanatory report. Proposed AD and seconded Rev’d Kate, the accounts were accepted unanimously by the PCC.

Lent: Support CMS, USPG and The Saviour’s trust.


IMPORTANT NOTE :  Please be advised that, with immediate effect, all cheques received must be made payable to “Parochial Church Council of East Hardwick”.


Building / Churchyard: 

Roof: No more replies from contractors yet

Communion jug: Lid has come adrift

Churchyard mapping: BP has arranged for a drone to photograph the churchyard

Allotments: Two are not let. PS suggested advertising them on the parish web site.

Lawnmower: A lawnmower has been offered free to the church. PH



Barn service: Not enough carol sheets. Next year prevent people parking near the barn.

Christmas services: Carol service good; Crib service well attended; Plough service and tea well attended; Christingle, children did the readings; Carleton Court with the hand bells was good.

Epiphany: Thank St Thomas’ for the loan of their purifacter and charcoal, PH. Hand bell ringing appreciated

SSSI site: Service when rural visit takes place. L Attwood may host a visit, SH 

Archdeacons visitation: 28th June, 3-30pm Wakefield cathedral. Swap last Sunday afternoon service



Christmas fayre:  JT suggested the event needs updating, perhaps to an afternoon tea with stalls / gifts 

Holy week craft afternoon: 28th March 

Summer fayre: provisional date, Saturday 30th May. What else is happening locally?

Market stall: Not to be done in future, proposed PS, seconded AD all voted in favour.

Marks Gospel: Sat 20th June 2020, 7pm. JT said Kings School had a portable stage we can borrow. Event to be advertised in May parish magazine.

Lent course: Begins Tuesday 3rd March 6-30pm. Using a popular film. Everyone welcome.

Women’s world day of prayer: 6th March

VE day: PS meeting with parish council and village hall committee to sort out costs and what is to take place on the Saturday.


Cards and flowers: 

Three cards sent in October, three cards sent in November, four cards sent in December and four cards sent in January. 


2020 APCM

Monday 23rd March at 7pm in church. Need to appoint a new safeguarding officer, and churchwarden. There are three deanery synod places. TN and HB are at the end of their term. Rev’d Shelagh suggested that one PCC position should be for 1 year and the second position for two years.  The Fabric and Goods report was accepted by the PCC, Proposed AD seconded PS all voted unanimously. 

People who wish to be sidespersons to sign the list at back of church. TAR and safeguarding report required for next meeting.


Growing our Church

Working on the “Mark in the car park” event and flexibility of the church. The group are visiting Hepworth church to see how they have adapted their cruciform shaped church for other activities.


The meeting ended with prayers.


Next meeting Tuesday 3rd March 2020, 1pm  at the house of Anne and Tom  Dyer           

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