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Presentation to Pete Hargreaves to mark his retirement

as churchwarden after 24 years continuous service

When Pete retired as Churchwarden in 2020, we had a collection to buy him a gift in recognition of his 24 continuous years’ service in that role.  Unfortunately, the Covid outbreak, which closed our church and, later, greatly restricted the numbers who could attend, meant that the presentation had to be delayed.   Finally on Sunday, 18th April we were able to present Pete with his gifts and thank him.  See below for more photos 


Before she made the presentation, Rev Shelagh told us how Pete had been elected at her first Annual Parish Church meeting in 1996.  She mentioned some of the many things that had taken place at St Stephen’s since then.   Rev Shelagh thanked Pete for his outstanding and faithful service and then presented him with a watch, money towards a new pair of walking boots and a personalised card showing photos of some of his church activities.  Pete said he had enjoyed his time as churchwarden and found it hard to believe it had been such a long time.  He thanked Rev Shelagh and the congregation for their support.   


Anne Dyer presented a bouquet to Pete’s wife, Marilyn as our thanks for her support for Pete over the time he served as Churchwarden.    

We hope Pete enjoys his gifts and look forward to seeing him stepping out in his new boots sometime soon.                                                     

Pete Presentation 1.jpg
Pete card.jpg
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