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After Covid restrictions cancelled our Plough Service in 2021 and an outbreak of Covid postponed this year's from January, we were finally able to join with members of our local farming community to seek God's blessing on their work.  Thanks to Rev Shelagh, to Amy and Sheila for helping with the arrangements, to Richard and Thomas for bringing the tractor and ploughs, to Mick for bringing the sheep and to everyone who provided soup and bread and helped to serve and clear away.  Here are some photos of our lovely afternoon.

Plough Service-3.jpg
Plough Service-5.jpg
Plough Service-4.jpg
Plough Service-2.jpg
Plough Service.jpg
Plough Service-6.jpg
Plough Service-9.jpg
Plough Service-10.jpg
Plough Service-7.jpg
Plough Service-8.jpg
Plough Service-11.jpg
Plough Service-12.jpg
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