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  • St Stephen's Church

Carols, horses, carols, dogs, carols . . .

Well, what a weekend we've had! Friday night was our Carol Service where we had a great turnout at St Stephen's to sing carols, hear the nativity story, singing group, handbell ringers and then we finished off with mulled wine and mince pies. The church was lit up with Christmas trees on every windowsill and pretty lights, cards and other Christmas decorations.

Then on Sunday we had our Barn Service with more carols, this time at Pycock's stable yard. 107 people, 13 horses, 22 dogs, 2 sheep, 1 cat and 1 rabbit joined us for a really enjoyable outdoor singalong of favourite carols. A collection was taken for The Brooke charity for donkeys, horses and mules, which raised £358.15.

Thanks to the Pycock family for hosting this event again and for generously providing the mulled wine. After

the carols, we drew the raffle. All the prizes have now been claimed and £925 has been raised for our church building repairs, including the roof. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, sold and bought tickets. That's an amazing result.

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