VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations - Scarecrow Competition

We had planned a whole weekend of VE day anniversary celebrations including a supper, entertainment and special church service. Sadly because of the lockdown all public events have been cancelled but you may notice that, despite the social distancing advice, there has been an influx of strangers hanging around in the village.   For those of you who are unable to get out and about to see them in person, here are a few photos (borrowed from the East Hardwick Parish Council facebook page).  

Louise 1.jpg
Pam D.jpg
Gill H.jpg
Gail T.jpg
Louise 2.jpg
Nick and Kath.jpg
Alison Vickers.jpg
Kerry Murphy.jpg

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the competition, and/or trimmed up for VE Day in the village, for the time and effort you have given to such a lovely display.  Thank you also to the following people for permission to use your photos:

Karen Bullock

Jacqueline Casey

Marcus Chambers

Pam Durham

Jayne Elliot

Marion Franks

Moira Hames

Gill Hepworth

Hannah Lane

Sue Marshall

Kerry Murphy

June Pycock

Tania Pycock

John & Diane Ransome

Pam Spreckley

Amy Stark

Gail Taylor

Leanne & Danny Vickers

Carolyn Wheatley