Sunday Services

Milennium window.jpg

Everyone is welcome to join us for our weekly Eucharist Service, held each Sunday at 9 am. The service lasts for approximately one hour.  


We are emerging from Covid restrictions, making changes gradually and with a focus on the comfort of those who feel more vulnerable.  


Although the wearing of masks is no longer mandatory, Covid infections are currently high and we would prefer you to continue to wear a mask inside church and to use the hand wash when you enter the building.


You may choose any seat that is marked with a green card.  If you prefer to sit on your own, simply turn the green card over to red to indicate that the seat next to you is not available.  

We are currently offering only the bread and no wine at communion.  If you usually take communion at another church, you are welcome to receive at St Stephen's.

If you do not wish to take communion, please feel free to come to the altar for a blessing.  

Our hymns are chosen from the Celebration Hymn Book, with occasional hymns from other sources.  The accompaniment is either the organ or recorded music (usually alternating weekly) 

Refreshments after the service are currently suspended, apart from special services, when details will be announced.