Parochial Church Council

The PCC is a group of people who are the trustees of the Parish.  At St Stephen's this consists of the Vicar, two churchwardens and members of the laity who have responsibility for the financial management of the parish, for the care and maintenance of parish assets, including the church building, and for promoting the Church's mission.  

Members are elected or co-opted onto the PCC for a specific period, after which they may stand for re-election.  The Vicar is the chairperson and one of the churchwardens is deputy.  Three other important roles on the PCC are Secretary, Treasurer and Electoral Roll Officer.  The PCC meets once a month to discuss matters relating to all aspects of our church life.  

PCC members and their representatives carry out their work voluntarily and are not paid for their services.

PCC Members
Minutes of Meetings

Rev Shelagh Stacey (Vicar) - Chairperson

Barbara Pollard (Churchwarden) - Vice Chairperson

Anne Dyer (Churchwarden)

Trevor Nichol - Secretary

John Trevorrow - Treasurer

Sheila Hammond - Electoral Roll Officer

Helen Beaumont

Lesley Clark

Arlene Collins

Pam Durham

June Pycock


The following residents of the parish have been appointed by the PCC to carry out a specific role on their behalf:

Helen Beaumont - Cards and flowers

Lesley Clarke - Sacristan

Moira Hames - Safeguarding

Tony Hames - Health and Safety

John Pollard - Allotments

A summary of the Minutes of PCC meetings will now be published below. The minutes of the meetings will be available to read one month after each meeting, to allow time for them to be agreed by the PCC and signed by the Chairman before they are published.  They will remain on the website for 12 months.  The latest minutes will be available to read online and all previous minutes will be available for download only.




Helen Beaumont

Pauline Webster



Minutes of last month's PCC meeting can be viewed 

Minutes of previous meetings can be obtained from Barbara Pollard